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Livolo Zigbee Gateway Livolo Zigbee Gateway
Please note the followings: To control any of our ZigBee switches via Livolo APP, Google Assistance, Alexa, etc... it is necessary to have one of our Gateways. It is not possible to mix our ZigBee switches with Radio Frequency switches in one circuit...
Ex Tax:54.50€
Smart WIFI Module With the help of this tiny smart wifi module, you will be able to easily transform your Livolo socket to a built-in smart socket and control it from anywhere with your Smartphone. Through the Smart Life APP, you can even define a specified interval for the socket to work eac..
Ex Tax:13.18€
Livolo New Style Touch Remote Controller with extra Features:3 Rooms settings6 Scene options can be set now.27 Circuits can be controlled easily.27  Dimmer switch can be functioned. 30 Meters signal coverage ..
Ex Tax:30.54€
Livolo Mini Remote Controller, Wall Light Remote Switch Controller, VL-RMT-02..
Ex Tax:9.05€
Please note that In order to balance the wattage of the circuit "Livolo lightening Adapter- VL-PJ01" is necessary if your Light using less than 15 watt and in case of using dimmer the minimum wattage is 25 watt...
Ex Tax:5.74€
Livolo Decorative Frame*Please note that a pack contains 5 piecesModel Number:GPFR-11 WhiteGPFR-12 BlackGPFR-13 Silver..
Ex Tax:7.40€
Livolo Clamp set for wall mounting boxes without screw fixing.With the help of this set, you may install any of our livolo products in those wall mounting boxes which do not have screw fixing. ..
Ex Tax:3.26€
Metal frame for holding media modules ..
Ex Tax:1.61€
Livolo Plastic Cover For SocketsModel Number:WZ-W-11 WhiteWZ-W-12 Black..
Ex Tax:1.61€
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