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Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions

Regarding Orders !!!

1- From where do you ship my order?

We ship out all orders within Europe from our European warehouse located in Belgium.

2- Should I pay any duty fee?

European warehouse has been run for this purpose as sometimes customers were complaining about these unexpected fees applied with some European countries but now as we ship out all orders directly from our European warehouse you can make sure that there won't be any extra fees.

3- I bought switches from your distributor and I have a problem now how can I ask for support?

You need to contact our distributor directly and request support.

Because of many complaints and confusement due to companies name and addresses we would like to clarify that we are not selling directly on any online market place (Amazon, eBay, etc) and available distributors are responsible to give direct support and in case there is an issue or disagreement with the seller you may file a claim to their customer protection department as they have full access to your order details and payment.

For Amazon Click Here and for eBay Click Here.

Here is the list of our official websites which our technical expert team give support for:

To request for support you may simply reply to your order confirmation email which you have received after placing your order on any of above mentioned website and our expert team will get back to you to resolve any issue.

4- I need support but the seller is not selling Livolo switches anymore, what should I do?

Unfortunately, that can always happen whenever you buy Livolo products from unofficial sellers or from online marketplaces because they won't stay in the business for a long time and you will lose support if you get into any problem.

5- How long does it take for my order to be shipped out?

We ship out orders within 1-2 Working days.

6- Do I receive tracking information when you ship out my order?

You will be always provided with a tracking number as we hand the parcel to the courier.
It can take some time for the provided information to be visible in their system after registration of the parcel.

7- How can I ask to return my order?

Please refer to product return page and follow the easy steps provided there.

8- I would like to be your distributor, How should I apply for that?

You need to send your request along with your Business Plan and Business information including your VAT number to [email protected]
We will be in contact with you but It takes sometimes for us to study your application.

Regarding Products !!!

1- Can I use Livolo dimmer switch with LED light?

You can use our dimmer switches with LED lights but make sure that your dimmer is not using any magnetic transformer. The LED light must be leading edge and dimmable. 

2- Can I control a single light from 3 different locations?

Yes. you may control it from 3 different locations. please find the wiring diagram in the "Instruction Center" section.
There is another way as well by using Relay for example(ACTI 9ITL ref: A9C15033) and Doorbell (Impulse) switch (VL-C701IH) as shown in the following video: Click Here

3- Why there is no Livolo logo on Crystal panels?

This decision has been made by Livolo manufacturer to produce the logo free panels to be used in Europe.
The reason is that in some European countries customers had difficulties to place the panels in the correct direction and the logo was limiting them. The panel without logo makes it possible to place the panel in whatever direction.

4- How many circuits may I control with touch remote control(VL-RMT-04)?

The maximum possible circuits are 27. 

5- Why does my light keep flashing?

This problem happens when your circuit doesn't reach a minimum of 15W in order to work properly. Please note that the minimum power for a dimmer switch is 25W.

6- Can I use Livolo switches outside the building?

Livolo switches are built for indoor use, therefore it's not recommended to be used outdoors. You may only use Livolo doorbell switch outside if and only if it will not come in contact with rain.
The operating environment for Livolo switches is -30~70 centigrade; less than 95% RH.

7- Can I control your switches over wifi via my smartphone?

Yes sure, to control our switches over wifi you need an external hub like "Broadlink Rm Pro, Orvibo Allone pro* (Recommended)" or any other one in the market which can work at the 433MHZ radio frequency.

To do that you need to always take the switch with remote functionality and also purchase our remote control to generate a signal for each individual switch and learn that later with your hub.

Please note that Orvibo can learn the signal directly from the switch, therefore having the remote control is not necessary.

8- I don't find my desired combination on your website, What should I do?

You need to order your desired combination by choosing the desired crystal panel and modules separately via the Mix & Match section.

9- Can I use the ZigBee Gateway to control the switches which have remote functionality?

No, it is not possible! The ZigBee Gateway is a necessary unit to only control our ZigBee series switches over wifi via our Livolo app on your smartphone.

10- Can I synchronize a 2 ways Zigbee switch and a none ZigBee 2 ways switch?

No, it is not possible! you may only synchronize 2 ways switches of the same series.

11- Do you have ZigBee dimmer and curtain switch?

No, These switches are still not available and we are planning to release it by the end of this year.

12- Can I control your WiFi series switches via my Livolo APP?

No you can only control the ZigBee series products via Livolo App, The WiFi series products are our own products (Powered by Livolo Europe) and they can be controlled via Smart life App.